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< I found >from Rabbi Bernard Susser's website about Devon and
Cornwall that Bunem is >from Medieval (or some such) French "bonhomme".>

==It is now generally agreed, on the recent accumulation of evidence, that
the name is derived >from French (Bon nom) or Spanish translations of the
common Hebrew name ShemTov (good name or good reputation). Beider agrees
with this

==There is no common Hebrew equivalent of bonhomme/Good Man. There are two
more "youthful" forms, BenTov (good boy/son) and ElemTov (good youth) [or
TovElem] in Hebrew, Belinfante in Spanish, Bonfils in French.
I didn't understand Rabbi Susser's reference because he made mention of it
being a translation of the Hebrew. As a rabbi he would obviously know of
Shemtov, and I don't think that you would have to have a terribly good
knowledge of French to know that bon nom and not bon homme means good name.
I suspect that it was a slip in his otherwise amazingly erudite paper - and
it has clearly slipped through the editing - but they would have to have a
knowledge of Hebrew as well as French!

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