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Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Not all burial societies were restricted to people >from a specific town or
area. I have found people >from towns in Galicia buried in plots owned by
landsmanshaften of other towns. I think that sometimes people joined a
society with friends, co workers, neighbors, etc.

My "adopted" (related by love, not blood) aunt and uncle, are buried in lot
48, gr s 3 & 4 in the Dr Nathan Adler Lodge plot at Old Mt Carmel, in Qns,
NY- She was >from Bialystok, he >from the Warsaw area. They did not know
each other in Europe and first met in the US.

Barbara S. Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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From: "Shari Kantrow" <sjoysk@...>

Does the name Dr. Nathan Adler Lodge (associated
w/Mt. Carmel cemetery in Queens, NY) sound familiar
to any of you? I wonder if, like the landsmanschaftn,
there is an ancestral town associated with it. The
lodge was disbanded in the late 1950s. My g-gps Max
b. abt.1874 are associated w/this lodge, and I h've been
unable to find which town >from Austria they are from. I
thought perhaps, this may provide a lead.

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