Re: ViewMate 6610-My grandmother #general

Keith Martin <keithmart@...>

Hi Denise,

I think that the photo was taken in Germany, sometime between the mid 1920's
and 30's.

The reasoning I am using is the studs on the dress, the glasses, and the

The necklace with the large wooden(?) items suggest black forest.

Is there any printing on the back? Do you have the rest of the photo?

Best regards
Keith Martin
Leeds UK
Researching Staal, Vaz Martines, Hambro
amongst others

I have posted a photo of my grandmother, Frieda WEIDENFELD, on Viewmate,, VM6610. I know it was
taken in Europe, but do not know the year. Would someone please take a
look at it, and tell me if they can discern anything about her, the decade
the photo was taken, by the clothes she is wearing, etc.?

Thanks very much,
Denise Azbill
Las Vegas, NV


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