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Michele Troup

I would like to thank All the people that responded to my view mate posting
for My German document Vm6480. now in achieves.

It is general consensus that the names do not seem Jewish? and that this is
document with family names for army exemptions (only one Son) but there is
one column that has the heading for "religion" all that can be seen is 2
letters The first and last. Would any one be able to tell me what the
letters are? I think the first looks like a "Y" and the last a "T" I have
seen the original document 15 years ago before my aunt tore it. This is a
photo copy my other aunt sent me before it was burnt ( so I have been told)
I Think it said "Yudisht" or something of the like... I asked what that
meant the day I saw it. It was after that my aunt said to let sleeping dogs
lie, that branch has been cut off. Please note at the bottom of the page it
has a name Zoldak /Zoldok in hand writing, I believe that is a signature . I
did an Ellis Island Jewish name search "many came up." Maybe that is a Rabbi
any Ideas??? or does anyone know a Rabbi name that was similar in Sadagora
or Czernowitz, Bukowyna,or general area around 1900- 1903.

I would like to thank All the people that responded to my view mate posting
for My Latin document "Vm6476."
It is general consensus that this a "record" of a marrige performed
elsewhere, this makes more sense to me as I was always told that my gr grand
parents married in Bukowyna Austria, as I could not understand a Catholic
Marriage, as I know my gr Grandmother disliked the Catholics. But please
note the name recored on this document is again Zoldak as on the German
(Vm6480) the one >from Czernowitz but as the (Minster) who married them. Any
ideas on how to research a Rabbi or marriages performed in Czernowitz area

Thanks Again For any help I get

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