Labun, Ukraine #general

Stewart Bernstein <skbernst123@...>

I have been researching my BARANSHTEYN/BERRNSTEIN
family >from Labun, Ukraine for a number of years.
Labun was/is located very close to the town of
Polonnoye. Labun was totally destroyed in WWII, and
it's Jewish inhabitants all murdered.

Just as a point of information, some of my personal
family photos and documents were used in the
Polonnoye, Ukraine Web-site's graphics.

I recently ran a quiery in the site's archives, and
found nothing with regard to Labun. I believe Labun
was rebuilt as Novolabun, but even that new name
rendered no positive results.

Any Labun researchers out there? As any reseacher, I'm
always searching for any new information.

Stewart Bernstein
Thousand Oaks, CA

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