Re: A better copy of a census page? #general

Barbara Niederhoff <iamthewind@...>

On the [xxx], I found a 1910 US Federal Census for New York,
Manhattan Borough. As it happens, the page I need is out of focus and
practically unreadable. I checked at the [xxx], the same blurred
image. Where can I get the better copy of this particular page (I know
the ED and the sheet number)?
There is a Family History Center at 3105 S Broadway, Fort Myers, Florida.
They're open Wed. through Fri., 9am-4pm. It costs $3.25 to rent the
microfilm. If it's impossible for you to visit the FHC, I can view
the film at a location near me. It may not be any help if the original
page was in bad shape, though.

Anyone can find where the FHCs are by going to .
They're staffed by volunteers and usually have limited hours. The ones
near me at least are open on most Saturdays. Since they put their
catalog online, I've been able to search for the films I need at home
ahead of time & then I just bring the film information to the center. It
takes two trips: one to order and one to view. Not as convenient as
zipping online, but very valuable indeed because of the variety of
materials. I encourage everyone with an FHC nearby to check the catalog
& see what may be of use in your own research.

Barbara Niederhoff
Centennial CO

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