Re: Spelling of the name STAHL in Lithuania #general

Jules Levin

My great-great Uncle Mendl ORLIN >from Boguslaviskis (near Vilnius) changed
his surname to STAHL to avoid the draft. The story goes that he borrowed
the name >from a dead man, and that he always felt guilty about that. My
question is: how would the name STAHL be spelled in vicinity of
Vilnius? --Best, Steve Orlen
In the vicinity of Vilnius the following languages were spoken and written:
Yiddish, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, German [there was a Lutheran church
and German cemetery in Vilnius. For those who have visited, the cemetery
is now a park next to the Soviet-era wedding palace. ], not to mention
Hebrew, Karaite Tatar, prosta mova (Belarusian), and perhaps more. There
were at least three alphabets used, each language having its own spelling
conventions within the given alphabet. So how to answer your question ??!
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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