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Dear JewishGenners,

I wanted to make available to this list a transcription of the WPA Federal
Writers' Project survey documents for Chevra Tillem Kesser Israel
(Brooklyn). The WPA Federal Writers' Project made a survey of state and
local historical records, including church records in 1939. There is a list
of the synagogues included on this list available on the internet: (sometimes this link is
not clickable but any internet search engine will find it for you)

An internet friend went to the New York City Municipal Archives and made
copies >from microfilm for the two pages pertaining to Chevra Tillem Kesser
Israel (M.N. #21318, Roll #319 and M.N. #21319, Roll #320 for the Brooklyn
synagogues). This is a transcription of those two brief documents (all
spellings are exactly as they appear on these papers):

Page 1:
Chevra Tehilim Kesser Israel (Congregation of Psalms, Crown of Israel),
1891 -- Orthodox. 256 Thatford Avenue, Brooklyn.

Organized 1891. Services held in a two-story, frame synagogue, created by
congregation, until 1910, when the structure was demolished, and a modern,
brick, four-story synagogue was built on the premises. Dedicated in 1911.
First Rabbi, Shapiro, 1892-02. Present Rabbi, David Appleman, 1922--.

Minutes, 1891-1920; 1920--, custody of N. Feinbloom, secretary, 471 Powell
St. Financial, 1931--, custody of Sol. Marks, financial secretary, 22 East
96th St.

Page 2:
Henry Mirell February 6, 1939

Corp. Title: Congregation Chevra Tillem Kesser Israel - 1891
1. Kings Brooklyn
2. Congregation Chevra Tillem Kesser Israel 256 Thatford Avenue
3. Jewish-Orthodox 1891
Present Rabbi: Rabbi David Appleman - 1922 - Minsk, Russia
5. In 1891, Congregation upon organizing had built a 2 story frame
synagogue. In 1910, Congregation wrecked frame building for a modern brick
6. Dedicated & Consecrated 1911.
7. Synagogue is a 3 1/2 story brick building. Second floor has a separate
balcony for women worshippers. Vestry in basement for daily services.
Brick staircase leading to second floor, iron railings. 6 Florentine
stained windows >from 2 to 3 story - 3 Morgen Davids in windows.
8. Rabbi: Rabbi Shapiro 1892-1902
9. Protocol secretary, Mr. N. Feinbloom, 471 Powell Street, Brooklyn. >from
1891-1920, minute books are stored away in Synagogue. Present protocol book
in home of Secy. Written in Yiddish.
10. Secretary, Mr. Sol. Marks, 22 East 96th Street, Brooklyn. Ledger -
1931. Prior to this, no regular system of bookkeeping was kept. Membership
11. Ladies Auxiliary (50 members).
12. Cash book, cash receipt book, ledger, checking account.
13. None
15. Definition of Name of Synagogue.
Congregation Psalm Crown of Israel. Congregation has 24 Scrolls.
17. Congregation was founded for purpose of holding religious services for
community and to aid its members in time of stress, needs, death.
Congregation has burial plots in the Mount Zion, Montefiore, and New
Montefiore Cemeteries in Long Island.

This is exactly as everything appeared on the pages. Only the answers to
the questions...the questions themselves do not appear, but an example of
the survey form is available on the web site I mentioned above so you can
compare these answers to the questions on the sample.

A YIVO archivist searched their organizational holdings for me, and nothing
could be found for Chevra Tillem Kesser Israel. Any thoughts as to what may
have happened to the ledgers and minutes books referenced in the survey
documents? Anyone connected to Mr. N. Feinbloom, Mr. Sol. Marks, or Rabbi
David Appleman? I was hoping to find out whether member death and burial
records, including a cemetery plot map, are still in existence. Chevra
Tillem Kesser Israel is the burial society for my gr-gr grandmother, Sarah
Teitelman (wife of Abraham Teitelman) who died 8 July 1912 in Brooklyn and
resided at 133-135 Belmont Ave., Brooklyn. She was buried 9 July 1912 in
Montefiore Cemetery.

Lisa Hopp
Seattle, WA

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