Polish Translation Needed - Viewmate File VM6623 #general


I would appreciate a translation of File VM6623, which has just been posted on
Viewmate. This is the birth record of Bejla Ryfka Elbaum >from Kossow, who was
my husband's great-grandmother. According to the index, she was a twin. (I'm
not sure if the other child survived to maturity.)

The direct link to the Viewmate file is:


A translation of the basic details would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Sue Jurisz
New Hope, MN


Searching: JURYSZ, MAJEROWICZ, NORDON, NAGRODSKI (Drobin, Plock, Sierpc).
MANOWICZ, ELBAUM, MARGOLIS (Gora Kalwaria, Kosow Lacki)

MODERATOR NOTE: Please send translations privately.

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