Re: Rude Reply from relative #general

Rob Halpern

Dear Fellow Genners,

I find it odd and even a bit disturbing no one suggested that the writer
simply respect her cousin's wishes. We have no "right" to this info and
those who don't want to play with us are not "bad" or "paranoid" or anything
but going about their business. For whatever reasons, this person does not
want to participate. Why not simply list him this way: "Son (requested
privacy)" or something similar. He doesn't want to be in your book.

Let's face it, sometimes we meet delightful new friends/relatives and
sometimes we hit a wall. But we do this because we like to and truth be
told, in some ways we exploit our informers for our own ends. Let's not get
moralistic about it. Maybe this attitude is contributing to the resistance
we sometimes meet. Be gracious and only play with those who wish to play
with you.

Rob Halpern

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