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Scheimer, Deborah <Deborah.Scheimer@...>

Tom wrote, "Genealogies should not be published. They should be given
to family members, only. You must honor your cousin's request. In
fact, you should get every family member's approval before you publish
it. Genealogies should not be published without consent >from every
living relative."

I understand Tom's point, but I disagree - in part. It depends on what
you mean by "published." If it means you go to a copy store and make 50
copies of your family history and mail it to your 50 living relatives,
then that's not really "publishing." It's like mailing Holiday Cards. If
a relative says, "don't include me" then just don't mail him one.

On the other hand, if by "published" you mean you contact a book agent
and put your family history in book stores around the country, then I
agree with Tom's point. It's just that I don't think that's what most of
us mean by "published." Nobody outside of family would be interested in
most of our family histories!

Most of the information in our family histories is in the public domain
anyway. It's already "published." So you're not infringing on an
individual's privacy by passing out information to relatives that's
already in the public domain.

And of course, an easy way to get around the issue is to simply list
those cousins who don't want to be included as "Living SMITH" (or
whatever his surname is). Just be sure to include his real name in your
notes so it's not lost to whomever you give your genealogical records to
when the time comes.

- Deb Scheimer, Pittsburgh, PA

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