Re: Publishing genealogies #general

Scheimer, Deborah <Deborah.Scheimer@...>

Simon wrote, "There's a world of difference between information being
scattered in paper archives all over the world and being readily
available on the internet (which is what is usually meant by
"publishing" these days)."

Simon makes a great point. If by "publishing" one means making some hard
copies and mailing them to relatives, that's one thing. But "publishing"
on the internet is something else entirely. Webmasters beware: you
should be hiding your online family histories behind passwords that you
only reveal to relatives and others you can trust. Alternatively, you
can put "Living XXX" (where XXX is the appropriate surname) with no
other revealing information for anyone living. The benefit of using the
"Living XXX" option is that your family history is available to
Google-type searches so that potential relatives can find you.

- Deb Scheimer, Pittsburgh, PA

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