Re: Researching SARVER #general


Dear Drew,
Did they travel with another adult? They would have been pretty young
arriving here on their own. Maybe an older sibling and her husband??
Have you found them in 1910 or 1920 census? Who are they living with?

Just as an idea >from my own family's experience...

My stepfather's mother came in 1921 and the manifest is all wrong. You'd
think by that time, the records would be better. Rae Sporn was 14 and her
sister, Pearl, was 12. Their parents had died in Poland in 1916 and 1920,
so Rae and Pearl came to the US with their oldest sister, Minnie, her
husband, Benjamin Massler and their 2 young sons.
On the ship's manifest -- it lists Rae Sporn as Sporn Massler !

Sometimes, immigrants even represented themselves as siblings, even when
they were really cousins or nieces. In my ex-husband's family, his grandmother
clearly states on the manifest that she is coming to the US to her "brother"
and he was really her uncle. She even used his last name, not her own.

So, the moral is, make *no* assumptions. Try the most ridiculous combos
possible. Anything, and I mean literally, anything is possible.

Judi Gyori Missel
Mesa, Arizona

ROZENBAUM, ZIMERMAN all >from the small towns around Eger - Maklar, Kerescsend,
Mezokeresztes, Dormand, Abuajszanto, Szina.
SPITZER, SCHWED, GRUNBERGER, GYARFAS >from Satorajauljhely and Budapest
HIRSCHFELD, GYORI, SINGER >from Gyor, Bratislavia

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