Re: Publishing genealogies #general

Yehudh bn Shlmo

Dear JewishGen members,

I have been reading all the postings and trying to
hold back. But I can't any longer. I do want to say
that I am not affiliated with JewishGen or never held
a position. I am just a regular person still trying to
find all his family.

The original documents for my family were stolen from
a retirement home when my Aunt died. >from the little I
was able to start with, I spent a year finding
nothing. I don't mean afterwork searches, I mean every
day all day long. Then I found matching names on a
Shetl site and finally matching pictures and then a
family tree on JewishGen. lt ended up joining 3 sets
of families in 3 countries to ours, all of which were
not aware of the connection. Everyone assumed we
perished or they perished in the Holocaust.

Many or most of you know the excitement and joy when
you find a relative, and you remember their joy as
well. Time stops and you become family as if all the
years disappeared.

What is that joy worth? What is that family bond
worth? Is it worth losing all this over one person who
is angry with his mother, or sister, or uncle and
wants to punish his entire family. I don't feel that
way. And it is not what I feel family is all about.

This week of all weeks, we have to realize that all
this fear is not worth it. If someone wants to steal
your identity, they don't need a family tree, they can
pay $9.95 to get your mother's name and your unlisted
phone number. Or pay for a high dollar genealogy
service and find out more than you want to know. This
is not a reason to keep your children and your
children's children >from finding out about their
ancestors. To quote a simple adage, one bad apple may
ruin the barrel, but only if you decide to leave it
in. Just leave a blank for those who don't want to be
part of their family, and let your good grandchildren
unite with those who want to be family.

I remember when I sent a picture to a lost relative
of his father in 1920s. He was on the way to work. His
wife got the email and called him and he returned home
and called me immediately >from Israel. The sound of
his excitement, a lost family found, this is what
makes life worth living. And this is where a whole new
story begins.

Yehudah BenShlomo

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