Russian records of arrivals from Israel post WWII? #general

Leslie Weinberg <artsoul@...>

Can anyone tell me whether there are records of arrivals in Russia >from
Israel after W.W.II? My grandfather's nephew, Mozes
Blumenberg,originally >from Tyczyn, Poland, who was in Israel >from the
late 1930s till at least 1945, may have gone to Russia to look for
siblings. His last known whereabouts was in Israel, in 1945. Are there
records in Russia for arrivals >from that time, and is it possible to
find them? Thanks, Leslie Weinberg

Searching Eisen, Blumenberg, Iram, Gran - Tyczyn, Poland, Przybyszowka,
Poland, Oradea, Romania
Reiss, November - Oradea, Romania
Danskoy, Nezhin, Russia

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