Re: Sarver and a common handwriting error #general

Deborah Glassman <dgg2020@...>

In yesterday's digest a reader posted a previously unsuccessful search for
the emigration records of Sarvers >from Bialystok. I quickly found one by
using a common handwriting error as my key. The indexers frequently switch L
and S, so if you have searched for a Sarver, do a separate search (soundex
won't help here) for Larver (actually do them as Sarw*and Larw* if you are
using an alphabetical search.
Other common first initial misreads are F and J; Fl and H; M and W.

As webmaster for the Lyakhovichi shtetl site, we were able to find 400
additional emigres for our town, when we added Sechowitz spelling variants
to our previous Lechowitz search.

Good Hunting!

Deborah Glassman

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