Re: Publishing genealogies #general

Judith Lipmanson <lipmanson@...>


I have my personal strong opinion against Jews publishing their family
trees on the web -- in the public domain. I'd give you my reasons except
that I would, metaphorically, have my wrists slapped by the the
moderator of this forum.

I know others don't share my opinion; but, it would be polite for you to
canvass your living relatives to get their permissions even though their
names may not be published. Your ancestors are theirs also.

Judith Lipmanson

I will soon be publishing my family's genealogy so it will be searchable by
Google. I do plan to remove personal information for living people, such as
birthdates. As a webmaster concerned with privacy this seems appropriate.

Am I on the right track here? As Yehuda said, I want to facilitate finding
ancestors to others searching online, as I am the first to ever catalogue
the family tree.

Any advice welcome.

Rachel Cogent

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