Re: Viewmate VM6636: Tombstone translation #general

Kevin Hanit <klh44@...>


I would like to thank everyone who translated VM6636 for me. I now have
everything that I need >from it.

Kevin Hanit
Concord, ON Canada

Searching for: ABELOVICH (Derechin to Canada, Israel, New York and Argentina),
PARELMAN & PAREPLOTCHIK (Stolin & Baranovichi to New York, Yarmouth, NS & Israel),
KLETSKIN, LEVITT, HOROWITZ, STOLAR (Stolin & Baranovichi to Israel),KROLL
& GERCHICOF (Kyyiv to Canada), ROTFOGEL (Kielce or Lagow, Poland to Canada and
USA, Lodz to Israel), SPIEGEL (Kielce or Lagow, Poland to Canada, Philadelphia,
PA & Brazil)

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