Seeking WEINER in Massachusetts & metro NYC #general <chimes2weiner@...>

I am searching again for siblings of my ggfather Charles WEINER, whom I
learned about >from his obituary in the "Lawrence (Massachusetts) Evening
Tribune" of 1923. He had 3 brothers -- Meyer, Louis and William -- in New
York City, a sister Mrs. Golda GREEN in Lawrence, and a sister Mrs. M.
BORACH of Haverhill,Massachusetts. Does this sound familiar to anybody?
According to the obit, Charles WEINER came to the U.S. 32 years before
his death (therefore, he arrived circa 1891) and seven years before his
family. The sons'naturalization papers said they came >from Sudilkov,
which I understand was in Volhynia gubernia and now is in the
present-day Ukraine.
CHAIMOWITZ/CHIMES - Kovno, Lithuania > South Africa (Another branch apparently
from Krekenova, Lithuania to South Africa and Canada). ISRAEL - Rebecca ISRAEL
was the mother of Dora SCHWARTZMAN who married Charles WEINER; SAFER - New York
City; SCHWARTZMAN - the maiden name of Charles' wife Dora WEINER - Sudilkov>
Lawrence, Mass. and New York City; WEISS - Kroky, Russia(=Krakes, Lith.) > South
Africa, greater Boston, South America (Buenos Aires & Montevideo). Apparently the WEISS siblings all
emigrated, with the sisters marrying into the CHAIMOWITZ, GORDON & SHAPIRO

Susan Weiner, Boston,Massachusetts

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