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Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

I'd like to offer a differing opinion about this topic, in total
agreement with Stan Goodman.

I've read the several postings offering huge cautions against listing
family trees on the internet. I don't see of what use a name is to a
spammer without an accompanied email address. Harvesters don't
gather names, only email addresses. And if a "bad guy" even were to
find a family tree, they'd have no way to locate any of the
individuals. Their modus operandi is to send out thousands/millions
of emails to reel in suckers (that's why they call it "phishing"),
and go >from there, rather then to spend hours digging out family
trees, then more hours trying to locate the listed individuals.

If I list someone as "daughter, living", how can this lead to
identity theft? Even if I list "Ann, still living", how can this
lead to identity theft???? And how many cases of identity theft have
you heard of which began with info >from a genealogy website????

I think we're being 'way over-worried in too many ways today.

I maybe can understand the caution about publishing "mother's maiden
name", since U.S banks etc. had used that as a security
device. However, in the past couple of years, institutions have
stopped using that clue, so even that's no longer a concern.

My family tree has been on the web for about six years now. I've
found far more cousins, than otherwise. Two cousins have asked me to
remove their personal info, which I of course did. (their listings
now say, "daughter, living" husband, living", etc.)

Oh, yes, one more thing. If YOU get a message >from someone claiming
to be a relative, and all they know is what's on your website, then
YOU had better be careful!

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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