Help needed identifying Sam KLONSKY who married Basha (Bessie) BELKIN #general


One Sam KLONSKY married Basha (Bessie) BELKIN, daughter of Israel BELKIN and
Chaie Riva KLONSKY, probably in Zembin, Belarus where her family was from.
The marriage date is unknown. They had two daughters, Ida and Yetta/Etta.

Bessie was born in Zembin on 10 February 1883. She arrived in New York with
Ida on the S. S. Noordam on 25 Mar 1905. Ida was born in Russia on 12 January
1904. Yetta/Etta was born in New York on 26 October 1907.

Bessie is on the federal censuses of 1910 and 1920, and on the New York
state census of 1915 in New York City, each time without Sam. Those
records indicate she was still married.

She was admitted to citizenship on 5 Feb 1923. On her petition for
naturalization, she says she is married, her husband's name is Sam, and that
he is living in Canada.

Bessie died in the Bronx, New York on 2 July 1964, and her death
certificate says she is a widow. Daughter Etta was the informant.
But I have found nothing on Sam KLONSKY. I also have nothing on Ida, the
older daughter. I do know that Yetta/Etta died in Florida in 1991, and
that she married a LEIBSON sometime after 1936. In 1936 she was working at
Stockton Supply Company at 507 West 16th Street in New York City.

If anyone can help identify Sam KLONSKY and/or knows of his daughter Ida,
please contact me privately.

Thanks in advance,
Nancy Maxwell
Grapevine, Texas, USA

PADNOS - Zembin, Belarus; PLISKIN - Disna, Lithuania (?) and Manchester,
Lancashire, England

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