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Schelly Talalay Dardashti

When researching Tashkent and other Central Asian
locations, remember that there are two separate
communities in these places: the ancient Sephardic
community, and the more recent Ashkenazi community
which came at different times (war evacuations, etc.).
Synagogues are separate, and other divisions exist
between the two communities.

For those researching the Sephardic community, many
families moved to Moscow very early for various
reasons, particularly >from Bukhara, and other cities.
Therefore, a search among the Central Asian Sephardim
in Moscow is also useful if this is what you need.

In fact, following the revolution, a Bukharan rabbi
and his family (and extended family) was imported from
there to head the Sephardic synagogue which met in
rooms of the Choral Synagogue in Moscow.
Members of the family still live in Moscow where they
are in various businesses/professions, while others,
including the rabbi's son (now a great-grandfather),
have relocated to New York and Israel.

Best wishes,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv
President, JFRA Israel

Subject: Tashkent
From: "Marilyn F" <>

I am looking for others who are studying family that
lived in Tashkent. Some were buried there. Please
contact me if you have information to share.
Thanks. Marilyn Feingold >>>

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