Publishing Genealogies - What's the point? #general

Yehudh bn Shlmo

Dear JewishGen members,

This issue was covered very well and provided many
Points a researcher needs to be aware of. However,
encouraged by the replies that I received and reading
all the postings for this topic there seems to be at
least one major Point missing. The easiest way to
illustrate this is to depict in a very simple way the
steps one takes when their research is complete.

Taking the most *stringent* view >from this topic:

1) A researcher puts together a family tree.

2) The researcher contacts each living member on the
tree and lets them decide if they want their name
or deceased members of their immediate families
names on this list.

3) After complying with the members wishes, the
researcher sends a copy of the finalized family
tree to all the members and never publishes it in
any form. Since he is not publishing it, local laws
are of no concern.

So where does the problem lie? In many cases there
will be family members that this researcher never
located. I'm sure everyone knows all the reasons,
including destroyed or unavailable records, multiple
marriages, and the list goes on and on, including the
quality and amount of work that was put into the

The Point is that the members that the researcher
never located may never find their families.

If the Family Tree was published, it would Help these
missing members, especially amateur researchers like
myself, to locate a few names that may form that

And after all, what is the Point of all, including
this discussion group if it doesn't Help you find your

Yehudah BenShlomo

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