Re: hatter #general

Pam <pam_staley@...>

I just signed up for this newsgroup - and was surprised yet quite pleased to see
this name... my gggrandfather's name actually was originall HOERTER but later
changed to HATTER - but we always thought he came >from Ireland or Scotland - my
Nicholas Hatter/Hoerter was born in 1843, died in 1901 and was married to Sarah
LEATHCO (1853-1924).

More info can be seen at my website -

I was more searching the names of MICHALEK and SCHALLOM - trying to locate whether
they were Jewish or not. And have posted info in seperate postings concerning
them. Just had to answer this one on Hatter.

Pam Frierdich-Staley
Warrenton, MO
Looking for surnames of Michalek (Michael/eal), Schallom, Steppig, Mees, Reis,
Frierdich, Bangert, Diesel, Hatter, Hoerter, Kiefer, Rapp, Mentel, Shellhorn,
Staley, Weber, Thoele, Mitchell, Probst

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