Death Certificate Assistance #general


I realize that my last posting was unclear.

I thank all of you who directed me to the Italiangen site. It was very helpful and
I obtained copies of certain certificates.

A number of relatives still do not appear in the records, despite me knowing the
precise date of death and even where they are buried. The death certificates
supply some valuable information, specifically the person's mother's maiden name.

I am still trying to locate the certificate number (so I can order a copy) for the
following people:
All of whom lived in New York

Aaron FRIMMERMAN 6/22/1932
Rose (Reitza) FRIMMERMAN 9/18/1911 (Mt. Zion)
Zissel POCH 7/15/1913=20

Mary JORRISCH 9/22/1908
Isaack JORRISCH 12/19/1911
Alter JORRISCH 1/23/1915
Israel JORRISCH - infant 4/19/1905
Max JORRISCH 3/13/1934
Jennie JORRISCH 12/31/1951

Dates of death unknown for:
Harry (Hyman) and Eva GOTTESFELD
Jossel (Joseph) GOTTESFELD

any assistance or suggestions in how to best locate these certificate numbers
would be appreciated.

Thank you


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