Jewishness Established, Wedding going ahead #general

Oliver Baker <oliver@...>

Thanks very, very much to all you folks who responded to my plea for advice on
establishing my fiancee's Jewishness >from burial records for the council of
orthodox rabbis. Besides the helpful info, we got some electronic copies of some
great old e-mail clippings pertaining to the ancestors in question, which actually
told my fiancee's family some things they didn't know--in particular, that they
had history in Colorado. The help either gave us or put us hot on the trail of all
the documentation we needed, but in the end our backchannel dialogue with the
orthodox rabbi who's wedding us led him to realize he had been confused initially
about how many generations we were counting back (only one, not three) and so he
told the rabbinical heavies in New York that they could drop the case. Now all my
bride and I have to worry about is the caterers and where we'll send our future
kids to school.
Thanks again,

Oliver Baker

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