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Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>

I hate to contribute to the beating of this topic to death, but I will anyway.

Why not create two "web sites?"

One web site would leave out all the details and information that relate to
privacy, identify theft, or whatever. That web site would be published to the
Internet and would enable relatives and interested parties to "find" you and
contribute to what you already know.

The second "web site" would contain all the gory details that you have amassed in
your research, but would not be published on the Internet. Instead, it would be
put on a CD. That CD could be cheaply copied and distributed to interested
relatives only, and would provide a means to ensure the preservation of your
research. The cost of a CD and a mailer plus postage would amount to less than $3
each. Send a copy to any relative who sends you $5 to cover your costs. Anyone who
won't pay you $5 for the CD isn't really interested in their family history
anyway. Since it's not in the public eye, no one's privacy should be compromised,
unless you have an identity thief in your family.

It seems to me that two conflicting ends are being mixed together in this
discussion: The need to create a web site so you can be "found" and the need to
provide and preserve your detailed research.

Since one "web site" is a subset of the other, it shouldn't require a whole lot of
additional work. Putting a web site on a CD is also a big advantage for all those
relatives with older, slower computers with dial-up connections. Since everything
is on the CD, it's very fast to zoom around despite connection and/or processor

<As for the recently dead, a good rule of thumb is to consider the privacy rules

Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

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