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I'm translating a marriage document >from Polish to English and have some

1. Does anyone know what the words podzbiucuz and Czapuiekiej mean?

One of the sentences in the document says: Levine podzbiucuz zprofesje
(occupation?) Czapuiekiej zyaicjych.

3. Can anyone tell me what these towns are?

Miescie (town) Piotrkowie Keyewodzkwie Kalizkbirn Obwochie piotrkoazbizn
przy (near) uoych Rodhicach wieszhaiacypu?

Miesce (town) Opocznie mieszhaizaych (to live at?) zrodzony (be born?) przy
(near?) tychze Rochicach wiepzhouaca (to live at?) I wiolujan Shauie

3. The translation book says matzonkow means maiden name and married name.
Is that correct? Should I assume that matzonkow means married name? when no
other surname is provided?

Example: Dawid i Lai Matzonkow Levin

Thank you for your help.

Tom Erribe

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