NY State Record Access #general

A. E. Jordan

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get around NY State rules and
get some information an a former resident at the Rome State School? I
tried the front door ? i.e. writing to the Central New York
Developmental Services Office ? and they are refusing me any

I know that one of the family members ? Gussie Cohen ? was born in the
1890s and she was sent away in the 1920s to a home because she was
developmentally disabled. When I searched the 1930 Census I found a
Gussie Cohen about the right age listed as being at Rome State School.

Over a year ago I wrote to them asking if they could confirm if the
Gussie Cohen at the school in 1930 was the daughter of Goodman and
Jennie Cohen and if so could they tell me if she had died at the school
or if left the school at some point after 1930. It took them a year to
write me back and ask for more information. I replied with copies of
her birth certificate, explaining her relationship and the interest in
knowing what happened to her. It took months and they wrote back and
said NY State law forbid them >from releasing medical information. I
wrote back and said I did not want medical information and they came
right back to me saying no because of NY law.

So am I totally out of luck? Any other way to get information if the
State refuses me everything?

Thanks for any thoughts/experience anyone else can suggest.

Allan Jordan

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