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When I switched >from DOS to Windows and Word Perfect to Word, I 'lost' the
e-version of the index I made to a Jewish cemetery. This is much different than
backing up files, it is a matter of converting >from one progam in one operating
system and new both. Unless the programmers give you a 'conversion', you may end
up having to make paper copies and scanning them in to OCR... with today's
technology anyway. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I think the point of the 'Universal Program' is that they intend to make it
compatible with whatever comes up.

See,1,Long term preservation: an
overview (that is the whole name of the webpage)

Paper by Michael Day of the University of Bath, UK at the Joint Workshop on
Electronic Publishing, Lund, Sweden 15.4.05.

This was the full programme is the US
contribution to the InterPARES Project - The Long-term Preservation of Authentic
Electronic Records

This is the website of the New York State Archives which is very interesting. There are a
lot of FAQ's and certainly the employees there would be able to answer questions
that individuals have, assuming that they have the time.

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