Druya and Smorgany Records #general

Irene K. <impromptus2002@...>

A few day ago Sabrina Rabinovich asked about Druya and Smorgany records. In the
Lithuanian State Historical archives there is a collection of Druya revision lists
of 1834, 1850-54 and also there are lists of Jewish men only dated 1874-75. The
revision list of 1816 does not have any Jewish family, additional Revision list of
1819 has a few Jewish families, the lists of 1827, 28 has quite a lot of names,
and the records of 18th century (in Polish) have no family names at all. Revision
list of 1850 was translated and published on Litvak web-side. There are Smorgany
revision lists of 1834, 1850 and additional lists of 1865 and 1894.

I have been working in this archives a few months ago and sent Miriam Weiner a
list of detailed file numbers in order to correct her web-side. I have also sent
the same information to JewishGen, unfortunately it was never published. If you
need more information, please, contact me privately.

Irene Kudish
Researching Libkind/Lipkind - Belarus,Lithuania,
Glikin - Belarus

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