MOSES family #general

Lawrence Blum

While researching my maternal grandfather, Joseph FARBMAN, I found him
in the 1901 Census in London. The address is No. 56 Royal Mint St., WhiteChapel
He is signed in as Joe FARBMAN, age 22 born in Russia living with
His brother Morris FARBMAN, age 28 , born in Russia, living with cousin
is also listed.
The cousin and family record follows:
Nathan MOSES is head of family, age 42 , born in Russia
The wife is Rebecca, age 37, also born in Russia
The children are in order: Fannie 19, Jennie 17, Meyer 11, Louis 8,
Victor 6, all were born in WhiteChapel.
Is any researcher familiar with this MOSES family? This branch of my
grandfather's family is a
complete mystery.
Lawrence Blum >from Port Richey, Florida

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