Fate of Heinrich MALZ? #general

Doug Mason

My father's brother Heinrich MALZ was born in Vienna on 1 January 1910.

The family has always "known" he was murdered in KZ, so you can imagine my
shocked surprise (and family's total disbelief) when I read on the
Jewishgen Dachau database that he was freed at Kaufering (a sub-camp of
Dachau). I have seen a copy of the Dachau release book, and it confirms
the accuracy of the record on the Jewishgen database.

Heinrich was deported >from Vienna to Theresienstadt and on 29 Sept 1944
was sent to Auschwitz. The transport was onforwarded to Dachau, where he
is recorded as having been released.

My mother's brother, Alois JELLINEK was also sent to Theresienstadt (>from
Prague) and was sent to Auschwitz on the same train as Heinrich. Alois was
therefore sent on to Dachau where he was released. Alois died in Vienna
about 10 years ago.This shows it is likely that Heinrich was actually
released. Heinrich's wife was sent >from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz, where
she was murdered.

Where do I find what happened to Heinrich? Just to limit the number of
suggestions, these are the places I have already asked, without success:

National Australia Archives
Doew, Vienna
Dachau Memorial
Auschwitz Memorial
Magistrat 61, Vienna
Yad Vashem
Mrs Yaffa Golan
Magistrat 8, Vienna
Nationalfonds, Vienna
Olga Kaczmar
United Nations

I currently have an enquiry with the International Tracing Service through
the local Red Cross, but given my experience to date and the anticipated
long time for any reply, I want to continue my own reserach.

Doug Mason

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