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It is traditional to call the father to the Torah following the
birth of a daughter, at which time a mishaberach is made using
the girl's name; this is what is usually meant by naming her in
the synagogue. In recent years many North
American congregations make this into a bigger "event" than was
traditionally the case. A positive development, IMHO.
In England in Orthodox congregations likewise. In very Orthodox
congregations, the close family won't tell anyone else the name until it has
been announced at the calling up and the following mishaberach in the

I am told that when my grandfather went to shul following the birth of my
mother (whose English name was Betty) when it came to the Mishaberach he
couldn't remember whether her Hebrew name was to be Bayla or Batya. In the
end, I understand that he got the name wrong.

It is this name that will appear on the Ketuba and then morbidly on the
tombstone (if the Hebrew name is given).

In the Jewish religion a boy is named at the Brit and the girl at this

Whereas the boy will use his Hebrew name >from before his Barmitzvah when he
is first called up (Aliyah) in shul, the only time a girl will be required
to use her name is on her ketuba if she gets married.

I exclude very Orthodox families where the custom these days is to use
Hebrew names and I assume that this is the same or similar to the religious

In my own family when my aunt died a few years ago, my cousins didn't know
what her Hebrew name was and they couldn't find her Ketuba. They had to make
an intelligent guess based on her English name. is an
interesting site about customs regarding baby naming including some
questions that have been raised recently.
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