Naming a Baby Girl #general

Stan <natsnehoc@...>

I would like to thank all the nice JGenners, who took the time to respond to
my message of August 17, 2005.
For information purposes, the following summarizes the information received.
The most mentioned name closely related to "Chaim" was "Chaya". Other
suggestions were, Chaya, Chayoot, Chayootah.
It would appear that naming a child is merely a custom, (superstition and
tradition), and not a matter of Halacha (Law). Sephardim and Ashkenazim
follow different traditions, in that Sephardim will name after a living
parent or Gparent, while Ashkenazim will not.
The English name does'nt necessarily have to be equivalent in
Hebrew/Yiddish, as long as the family knows the connection of the name with
the relative.

***Unveiling vs Naming
Unveilings are purely an American invention and have no status in Jewish
Law, thus has no bearing on timing of naming. It is okay to have a Simcha
(naming) and a non Simcha (unveiling) on the same day--except Shabbat, of

***Timing of Naming
There was no diffinitive answer, as to timing. I get the sense that it
depends on how religious one is. Many would name the child as soon a
possible after birth, on the first Monday, Thursday, or Saturday following,
when the Torah is read. Some said it is permissible to wait longer,
especially if it was to be done in coordination with family, who would be
coming >from far away to attend the ceremony. Timing does not 'adversly'
affect the name.

Many qualified their responses with "talk to a Rabbi".
Well, we did and our little princess will be named in his Synagogue on a
Thursday morning, some 6 weeks after her birth to accomodate two important
events: An unveiling on the prior Sunday for the GGrandfather after whom
she will be named; and the arrival of the late GGrandfathers sister from
Israel to witness both events.

Thanks, again for your responses. To quote one nice person, who signed off
with "LeTorah, ULeChupah, ULeMaasim Tovim (to the Torah, to the Chuppah, and
on to Good Deeds"

Stan Cohen,
Toronto, Ontario

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