Berlin Marriage and Birth records? #general


I thank all of you who have responded with leads to find death
certificates >from Berlin.

I would also like to know if there are marriage and birth records
available >from appx. 1885-1905 >from Berlin

Alexander FRIMMERMAN left Bessarabia and moved to Berlin. I am not
sure when he married (I think he had 2 wives - *not* at the same time!).
He had opened a school for Chazanim (cantors) and had at least one
son, Harry who was later the man behind the Comedian Harmonists. (A
fascinating story of that musical group)

I believe that Alexander had 2 daughters- perhaps >from his first
marriage and am trying to confirm that... any suggestions?

Is there a record similar to Ellis Island for Berlin? where there may
be manifests ?

Thank you
Michael Salzbank

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