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On Thu, 25 Aug 2005 02:20:26 UTC, (Armagnac, Ana M.)

Just very recently through a DNA test my brother had done on himself we
found out we have Jewish roots (Sephardim) >from Spain (or France?). My
mother's last name was SANDOVAL AGUILERA and my father's last name was

Are there any others with these last names?
The late premier of France, Pierre Mendez-France comes to mind

Out of curiosity, I just googled the compound surname, and found a
fair number of others who bore it. It seems to me that I have read in
the past that the name Mendez has a Jewish background (which would be
low-tech confirmation of the DNA results).

I have also been told that, since the inquisition, the genes of those
Jews who submitted to the requirement to convert to Catholicism in
order to remain in Spain have been so widely distributed that most
Spaniards carry them. In other words, if this is true, if you have
Spanish ancestors, you are genetically Jewish to some degree.

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