Re: Ellis Island Manifest question #general

Ira Leviton

Dear Cousins,

Howie Axelrod asked: Can anyone tell me what the term "do" in the
family name column of the EI manifest means. It appears to indicate a
reference to the name above it.>>>

I answer: It's short for "ditto" (meaning the same).

Ira Leviton
New York, N.Y.

searching for... LEWITAN (Rypin, Myszyniec, and Goworow, Pol.), SAPIRA
(Gac, Pol.), ELIAS/ELJASZ (Rypin, Pol.), NIEDOBITEK (Rypin, Pol.),
MIRELMAN (Rypin, Pol.), BLANK (Niedzwiada, Mala, Debica, and Ropczyce,
Pol.), REBHUN/REPHAN/RAPHAN/REPHEN (Rzemien, Mala, Debica, and Ropczyce,
Pol.), STRICK (Mielec and Ropczyce, Pol.), KORN (Gorlice and Ropczyce,
Pol.), and ATLAS/ATLASS (Frankfort, Ger. and Wien/Vienna, Austria), HERZOG

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