Re: Map of the Ukraine....It's Right Here! #general


Here we are folks, on JewishGen's bulletin board. Someone asks for a
map of the ukraine to locate 3 towns.

Well, we have the greatest shtetl locator available ... the JewishGen
Shtetlseeker....just go there, click on "find towns", enter your town
and the country....(soundex is built in)..and voila...3 ways to view
the maps...(i prefer mapquest)...

and one wonderful tool wont find this on any other map!
Jot down the latitude/longitude of your main shtetl....put that into
your next search and the ShtetlSeeker will tell you the distance
between the 2 towns!! so you'll know if you are in the right area.
Happy Hunting!
Phyllis Kramer, Wilton, Conn & Palm Beach, Fla, researching (mostly Galicia):
STECHER, TRACHMAN,>from Zmigrod, Dukla, Krosno
KRAMER, BEIM, WISNER >from Jasienica
SCHEINER, KANDEL, SCHIMMEL >from Strzyzow, Dubiecko
LINDNER, EICHEL >from Rohatyn
(also Iasi, Romania)

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