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Teewinot <teewinot13@...>

Renee Steinig wrote:

FindUSA has been added to the package of online databases
offered by the Godfrey Memorial Library

FindUSA, available only through libraries, is a
powerful people-finding resource that displays birth dates,
relatives' and neighbors' names, past and current addresses,
and property information.
I have been using it since it first appeared. Be aware that it is *not*
accurate! There are a lot of mistakes and wrong information. I've
checked over 20 people. Not one had accurate information! Even my own
info was wrong. So, while it's a tool, don't depend on it for your
information. Check out what you find with other sources.

Jeri Friedman (Florida, but born in NY)
RESEARCHING: FRIEDMAN, MILLER (Grodno, Poland/Russia/Belarus)
GEIST (?,Russia) GLICKMAN, STURMAN (Lublin, Poland/Russia)
LIEB/LEIBOWITZ (Jassy, Romania) KOPCIANSKY (?, Poland/Russia)
GALINSKY, GELLIS (Suwalki, Poland/Russia)

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