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My maternal grandmother left Bessarabia in the early 1900s, following several
aunts, sisters and brothers to London (where they settled), and she eventually
on to New York. I have been unsuccessful in locationg an online index for
searching UK immigration, naturalisation, marriage, birth or death records
by surname online? I read the Beginner's Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Great
Britain pamphlet that I bought at a Jewishgen convention & I've examined the
[] site. Both suggest that you can search for surnames
online, but I'm stumped on locating an index (along the lines of JRI-Poland)
of records that are available for any of those categories of vital documents.
Any assistance will appreciated.
Can you give us more detail. Also try posting the JCR-UK Group which is a
JCR-UK is a joint project of JewishGen and the Jewish Genealogical Society
of Great Britain.

To post a message to this list use jcr-uk@....

This website of the National Archive gives you lots of information on
Granting of British Nationality.

It is very detailed, but I am sure that if you have any questions you can
email the Archive with your question.

This is the Family Records Centre page on Immigration:

This tells you how to obtain Birth, Marriage and Death certificates >from the
Family Records Centre. of the General Register Office can be
used to place orders for certificates dating >from 1900 up to 18 months ago
where the exact details are known.

The email address regarding the Registrations of Births, Marriages and
Deaths in England are respectively:


This is the detail of the Index of Births, Marriages and Deaths at the
Family Records Centre. I think that you have to go there in person.

This private individual confirms that
the FRC require you to go to the FRC and search the records in person.

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London, UK

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