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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Stan Goodman writes re "cc-ing" people: Non-technical
people like most of those in this forum may not
realize it...... Stan then gives his "2005 internet
netiquette reasons" for not *cc-ing* correspondents.

If one does not correspond with people except
officially through the General Discussion Group, how
does one know they are "non-technical"? Anyway, what
does "non-technical" mean in terms of Jewish

Does it mean not being able to fix a pc if it goes
wrong {like me}, or that one still marvels at the
wonders of the internet and genealogical miracles it
produces {like me}, or perhaps that one cannot read
Russian {like me}?

I am a biotechnologist [am I now technical?} and I
find Jewish genealogy never-endingly fascinating {is
this technical or non-technical?}.

I often cc and bcc people to create links and foster
"off-list" discussions. I know that these produce
results in genealogy and I have been very successful
[sorry to have to mention this!] in forging links and
finding lost family branches, as anyone who reads the
Austria-Czech SIG will know.

How do I do this - by very careful research {is this
considered non-technical?} and definitely not by
following rigid rules which are counter-productive to
good genealogy. There are no "hard and fast" rules -
we have to do what we feel might bring about results,
in the quickest possible time, without causing offence
of course.

I would feel rather let down if the people I had
helped, often after a lot of work sitting in an
archive, surfing the internet or studying books {are
these actvities technical or non-technical?}, did not
thank me personally.

The forefathers we are researching would have
understood that. Although we have the internet and
so-called netiquette - these basic rules and norms of
human feelings and behaviour have not changed. There
is nothing that beats personal contact.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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