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Dear JGenners:

With the permission of his daughter, I have been working on an update to the
impressive "Saga: Herman and Tzivia Sommers and their Descendents<' manually
compiled and typed (yes, with a typewriter) by Herman Lee Summers (published
in March, 1979). I anticipate the update to be in final draft by December
and published in the Spring.

The family tree includes seven generations of this family with origins in
northern Lithuania. Hayim (Herman) and Tzivia had three known children:
Esther Shana, Avram Velvel and Aura Reuvin. The second and third generation
lived in Kamajai, Kovno and Riga. In that generation there was significant
immigration to the US, Wales, Palestine, England and Canada.

Recently, I hav been in touch with cousins in Montreal, Baltimore, and
central and eastern Pennsylvania. Earlier contact was with Toronto,
Jerusalem, and Los Angeles, There are more of you out there and I am hoping
that you will contact me, so that we can update your entry and include you
in mailings.

Since I undertook this project, I have met some wonderful people and
communicated with relatives all over the world. Please contact me so that we
can move forward with this long-overdue update.

Marlene Bishow
Rockville, MD
Vice President
Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington

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