Re: "Avraham Itzhak" #general

Doug Mason

I refer to the postings on the Discussion Group that the name "Avraham
Itzhak" may be applied to a father whose real name was not known.

My grandfather Abraham MALZ was the second son of Moses MALZ.

The text on Moses' headstone says (in Hebrew):"Here lies a pure and honest
man Moshe ben Avraham Yitzhak Malz, died (unclear single letter) Iyyar
5675 (or 5678). May his soul be bound in life."

Am I to understand that my grandfather (Abraham) did not know the name of
his grandfather? Or is it only a possibility?

My grandfather Abraham was aged 40 when his father Moses MALZ died in
1918, so I assume he should have known his grandfather's name.

Is it significant that it was Moses' *second* son who was named Abraham?

Are the names "Abraham" and "Isaac" normally used in conjunction, or is
this combination reserved to this particular situation?

The MALZ family lived in Vienna but originated >from Kolbuszowa, where I
understand the Jews' records were destroyed under the Nazi regime.

Many thanks,

Doug Mason

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