Re: Obtaining Canadian Immigration Records #general

Hilary Henkin <hilary@...>

I have one additional thought about getting Canadian immigration data:

If your relative happened to visit the U.S., after about 1895 or so, there may be
a record when he or she crossed the border, and that record may possibly contain
the date and ship of immigration to Canada. With a specific date and/or ship,
your search for immigration recordsis made much simpler.

These records are collectively known as the St. Albans Lists, but information was
gathered by manyof the cities on the US-Canadian border, including Detroit,
Buffalo, Rochester, Niagrara Falls, and many other cities. You can search the
JewishGen Discussion group Archvies for details on these microfilms. Even if you
have a year of arrival >from the census, having more details, and/or confirming
that year, can be useful.

Perfsonally, I found that the records kept by Detroit noted only that the person
arrived in the US by railroad, but the Buffalo, NY records noted the year ship,
port, and sometimes date of Canadian arrival.

Hilary Henkin
Atlanta, GA

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