Seeking: Grandmother Matel/Martha/Molly/Malka FEUERBERG also,FAERBERBG #general


Dear Genners,
I will begin with my father and lead into what I know about his mother, my gm. My
father is listed as Boruch FEUORBERG on ships manifest, arrival date Nov.16,1910.
Birth record >from Poland listed as Baruch FEUERBERG, which was americanized to
Came >from Skala to USA through EllisIsland. His aunt Chawe BERLAD met him there
and he went home with her to 75 Stanton Ave. [or Street ?] New York City.
According to date of my father's arrival would he have been here during 1910
census? I was hoping this would help me find information about my gm. On my
father's birth record she is listed as Matel FEUERBERG. Possibility that she came
before my father and was living with this relative.Have not been able to find
information about her arrival.
I had a picture of my gm that was taken in a photo studio on Houston Street,
New York City.
In the back of the picture frame there was newspaper used for filling. It was just
advertising ,Philadelphia Evening Bulletin dated Oct.30,1918. Don't know if that
date means anything.
I do know that she lived with my parents >from the time they married in May 1924.
I have a copy of the 1930 census where she is listed as Martha, also known as
Molly and Malka. She lived with us until the day she died in 1942.
I do have my gm's death certificate which lists her husbands name as Solomon, her
fathers name Yudel and her mother as Annie BRAINER, birth place Austria.
My father's records show that he was born in Skala and I was lead to believe that
is where they lived.
I have tried EllisIsland , Castle Gardens and many other avenues with no luck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Please reply privately.

Ida Cherney nee FAERBERBG
No.Lauderdale, Fl.
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