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Michael Trapunsky <trapunsky@...>

Hi all,

I'm researching the RAPAPORT family >from Pultusk and Warsaw, Poland and would
appreciate hearing >from anyone doing similar research.

My father-in-law told me that his grandfather, Yekusiel Jacob (Ksiel) RAPAPORT,
was born in Warsaw between 1880-1883, but on Ksiel's Petition for Naturalization
it said that he was born in Pultusk. I searched the JRI-Poland database and came
up with a number of RAPAPORTs >from Pultusk but on the JGFF there isn't anyone
searching for that family.

Ksiel's parents were Sholom David and Rivka Chaia RAPAPORT. I assume they were
from Pultusk as well or at least lived there for a while. Their other children
(that I know of) were:

1- Sarah (Rapaport) ANTOSOFSKY - born 1879
2- Rachel or Rose (Rapaport) DANIELS - born 1882
3- Possibly a brother - but I don't know his name

Ksiel came to Newark, New Jersey in 1921 and later brought over his wife Faige
(nee FRIEDMAN) and their children: Joseph, Mollie, Rose, and Sarah.

If anyone knows anything about this family I would really love to hear back >from

Thanks very much.

Michael Trapunsky
Queens, New York
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