Rothschild Suicide in Hilversum, Holland, 1940 #general

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I am interested in confirming, if possible, the following story
about a young Rothschild who apparently committed suicide in Nazi-occupied
Holland in June 1940. The young Rothschild was a male, about 19 years old.
His family had left Hitler's Germany in the 1930s and gone to the United
States. However, they left their teenage son in Holland so he could
continue his piano and music studies in Europe. The family must have
believed, as did most people in Holland, that the Netherlands would remain
neutral if a war occurred in Europe. The young Rothschild stayed with Mr.
Barend van Leeuwen's family at Loosdrechtscheweg XXX in Hilversum. Following
the Nazi invasion of Holland on May 10, 1940, and Holland's capitulation a
few days later, van Leeuwen moved the young Rothschild to the attic of a
safe house in central Hilversum. Tragically, because of his great fear, the
young Rothschild committed suicide by hanging himself a number of weeks
later. Van Leeuwen and another man, J.J. Petersen, secretly buried the
body. Can you help me confirm or correct this story?

Patrick Wolfe


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