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I have been following the discussion about courtesy with interest; I
have always tried to answer every response at least personally.
Recently, however, I have sent e-mails through the FTJP querying the
person who put their info online. I received a helpful response >from one
person, and am most appreciative. Another, although the date of the
information was recent, never responded. I even re-sent it thinking they
might not have received it. Again, no response. At the risk of invoking
an old joke, I assumed that someone who went to the trouble of putting
information online would be interested in communicating with others who were
True, but one should always remember that things come up. Computers crash,
people get sick or distracted by work requirements, they go on vacation,
they move or change ISPs and forget to update every place they have posted
something, etc., etc. - even when they have recently posted information to

I suggest waiting a while (a week, a month, a year) and trying again.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

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