any known information on family KNIAZ? #general

Elzbieta Kniaz

As I have just subscribed and am very new to this
method of searching, please forgive any mistakes. I
would also like to thank in advance anyone who might
respond to this e-mail. I do not own a computer, so I
use the local library facilities, and sometimes it is
impossible to squeeze everything into the limited time
I am searching for information (any relevant leads) on
my father/his family/his ancestors. His name was
Jozef KNIAZ. Born in Khodoriv (then Chodorow), lived
in Sambir (then Sambor). Year of birth 1899.
I was 12/13 when he died in 1962. He was a very
silent man and spoke very little about his past. The
little information that I have, was passed onto me by
my mother. My parents met and married in 1943/44 in
Ramla Israel. My mother also only revealed the basics.
I only know that he was arrested in 1939 in Lwow,
sentenced to be shot, somehow managed to escape being
killed but was sent to Siberia instead.
He had a brother and sister, and also two daughters by
his first wife (killed in the war). What happened to
all these people I do not know.
Since beginning my research I have found that there
are a number of KNIAZ's in Israel and am currently
exploring that.

Ela KNIAZ -Sussex-England

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